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  • Jana Dlouhá




Higheer education


The latest edition of the GUNi Report Higher Education in the World 5 contains numerous articles which discuss higher education institutions (HEIs) from the point of view of their involvement in the sustainability transformation. We can learn more in this edition, for example, about the current concept of community university engagement, university social responsibility and proposed steps for advancing the contribution of higher education. Besides analyses of the roles of higher education institutions as active players in society, higher education practitioners may utilise examples of good practice, innovation, relevant experience and new and ongoing projects. You can find out more also about GUNi Report presentations around the world at: www.guninetwork.org

The publication is now available from the GUNi web site and can be purchased with a 20% discount until June 30.

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Author Biography

Jana Dlouhá

RNDr. Jana Dlouhá, Ph.D.

Envigogika chief editor

* I am an expert in environmental education and e-learning, my research position in the Charles University Environment Center includes coordination of national and international research and networking projects. * I have been teaching Czech and foreign students in the international study e-learning programs since 2007. * List of more than 100 publication includes articles in journals and book chapters. * I am founder and editor in chief of the peer reviewed journal Envigogika (since 2006). * I am also a member of the UNESCO Teacher Education for Sustainability WG and I was involved in the activities of the UN ECE Working Group on ESD Indicators. * On the national level I have been involved in the Working Group for the National Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development of the Czech National Environmental Council and the Expert group on ESD for the Czech Government (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education). * Since 2003 I am co-editor of the national environmental encyclopaedia Enviwiki (educational toolkit and Open Education Resource) * I have been working in the Charles University Environment Center since its establishment in 1992. Before I have worked in the Federal Ministry of Environment CSFR (Department of International Relations) where I helped to organize the First Ministerial Conference, within the "Environment for Europe" process which was held in 1991 at Dobris Castle.


31. 05. 2014

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Dlouhá, J. (2014). Higher Education in the World 5. Envigogika, 9(1). https://doi.org/10.14712/18023061.444




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