Environmental Awareness and Plastic Recycling Behaviour of Nigerian Undergraduates





Sustainabilty, Plastic recycling, Environmental awareness, Environmental education, Pro-environmental behaviour


Several prior studies globally have linked education with environmental awareness and behaviour, however there is a need to address the research gap in developing countries on the impact environmental education can have on pro-environmental awareness and in promoting pro-environmental behaviours (PEB) especially among university students. This paper takes into account the influence of social norms on PEB such as plastic recycling and promotes the notion of sustainable education in Higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. Recommendations for policy makers and universities are also reflected upon as Nigerian universities are urged to take pro-active steps towards adapting their curriculums and environmental volunteering activities. Furthermore, the study suggest sustainability literacy tests are incorporated into Nigerian university educational policies in other to promote pro-environmental behaviours among students. 


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11. 10. 2021

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