General educational qualities and the concept of competence


  • Jana Dlouhá



teorie vzdělání, kultura dynamického studia, kompetence, posouzení


In the period of transformation of learning goals, methods and evaluation procedures
Text is a polemic with the concept of pro-environmental behavior considered to be the main environmental educational outcome by Jan Činčera in Envigogika articles published in 2008 and 2009. It shows the importance of questioning the problem before methodological elaboration into a set of educational goals and more general conclusions. Thus, the question of environmental education as a specific type of "adjectival" education is opened in the broad educational context, especially with regard to the future vision and ideas in UNESCO's Learning: the Treasure Within Report and other documents. From this very general viewpoint, the quality required in education should be expressed as "competences" rather than behavior; in this sense the "competences" are currently being defined in research articles and strategic educational papers. The concept of competences is further analyzed with regard to its character and potential for innovations or changes towards a more dynamic learning culture. Briefly its "evolutionary deficiencies", especially the lack of assessment methodologies, are summarized.


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31. 05. 2009

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Dlouhá, J. (2009). General educational qualities and the concept of competence. Envigogika, 4(1).



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