Environmental Ethics (Background Materials of the Dobris Ministerial Conference 1991)

2011-12-05 20:36:07

Erazim KOHAK, Professor of Philosophy, Charles' University, Prague, Czechoslovakia and Boston University, Boston, Mass., USA: Up-Front Ecology

Dieter BIRNBACHER, Priv.- Doz., Dr., Ak. Rat University of Essen, Germany: The Ethics of Long Term Environmental Responsibility: the Problem of Climatic Change

Barry COMMONER, Director, Center of the Biology of Natural Systems, Queens College, City University of New York: Pollution Prevention: The Source of an Ethical Foundation for Sustainable Development

Erazim KOHÁK, Prof., PhDr., DrSc., Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia, and Boston University, Mass., USA,: Toward an Agathocentric Ecology

Rudolf KOLARSKY, Institute of Philosophy, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences Prague Igor MÍCHAL Federal Committee for the Environment, Prague, Czechoslovakia Values, Ethics and Environment

Teodor MÜNZ, Philosophical Institute,  Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia: Reflections on Christianity and the Ecological Crisis

Arne NAESS, Professor, Council for Environmental Studies, University of Oslo, Norway: Sustainability: The Integral Approach